Rolling Ball Sculpture Adelaide

frequently asked questions

Outlined below are a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please click on the questions below to view the answers. If you require any additional information please contact us.

A copy of our Rolling Ball Sculpture Installation and Care instructions can be downloaded here.

  1. The marbles get stuck or stop on the track. What should I do?

    Please check to ensure that your sculpture is always on a level surface. The track must remain in the same position as when you purchase your sculptures. If accidental bending of the track occurs, some slight bending to correct may be attempted. Harsh bending of the track can result in the painted finish of the track breaking or chipping. If you are hesitant about correcting the track please contact us.
  2. The sculpture is dirty how do I clean it?

    Clean with a damp cloth and/or mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals as this could cause damage to the painted surface.
  3. I've lost the colourful marbles. Can I purchase replacement marbles?

    Yes. Please contact the site to place an order.
  4. Can I use other marbles?

    Some other marbles may work on your sculpture, however the marbles for your sculpture have been individually measures and weighed to suit. Please contact us to place an order for replacement marbles.
  5. Can I change the colour of the track?

    Unfortunately once the powdercoated track has been applied we can not change the colour. However, if you design your own sculpture you can specify a colour of your choice.
  6. What happens in different climate conditions?

    If the sculpture is placed in an area where the temperature flucuates, the sculpture may not operate correctly due to these temperature changes. This is due to the nature of steel, which will expand and contract with different temperatures. Please contact us to discuss how to rectify the track if this occurs on your sculpture.