Rolling Ball Sculpture Adelaide
Rolling Ball Sculpture #194

Rolling Ball Sculpture #194 - Watch Video

Our rolling ball sculpture, is designed to captivate and educate students in the thrilling world of physics! In this video, we proudly showcase our rolling ball sculpture, especially created for a school science classroom. Watch as marbles travel along a singular track, demonstrating various principles of physics in motion. Key Educational Objectives: - Introduce the concept of kinetic energy and potential energy through marble movement. - Illustrate Newton's laws of motion as marbles accelerate, decelerate, and change direction. - Explore gravitational potential energy and the conservation of mechanical energy. - Demonstrate principles of momentum and collisions in a mesmerizing display. Our rolling ball sculpture not only offers a visual aid but also serves as an engaging educational tool for science classes. Students will be inspired to learn and apply scientific principles as they observe the captivating interactions between marbles and the carefully crafted elements of the sculpture.