Rolling Ball Sculpture Adelaide
Rolling Ball Sculpture #183

Rolling Ball Sculpture #183 - Watch Video

The Giant Gumball Machine Rolling Ball Sculpture measures 1200mm x 1200mm x 450mm, is powder coated in matte black and uses 25mm glass marbles. The sculpture is located in a lolly/candy shop in my home state of South Australia. Not only does the lolly shop have the Gumball Machine, but it also has a huge ceiling mounted sculpture throughout the entire shop! The Giant Gumball Machine sculpture has loops, tipping arms, flat spirals, tall spirals, balls on track, wavy track, with a metal gumball machine in the centre, where a marble triggers a hidden tipping arm that releases a different marble at the dispenser - just like a real gumball machine! If you're ever in South Australia, head down to "Lollies & More at 84" in Yankalilla - about an hours drive south from the capital of Adelaide.